Monday, July 31st, 2017   7:00PM – 10:00PM

This was an amazing event held at Piccolo Ristorante at 2826 E Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

Thanks for Piccolo for this great write-up:

Foodie Freaks is a new “underground” foodie group that just started in Broward County.  It is similar to the “Cobaya” group in Miami. “The mission is a very simple one – to get talented chefs to cook great, interesting, creative meals for an audience of adventurous, open-minded diners. Every invitation comes with a disclaimer: there is no “menu”. There are no choices. You’ll be eating what the chef chooses to make for the night….Just come and enjoy.”

Chef Andres and all of us at Piccolo were ecstatic that we got to be the first restaurant in Fort Lauderdale to host one of these incredible dinners!  Chef Andres had a blast planning the menu and Alison loved working with her vendor to pair the wines.  The end result was, as you can imagine, incredibly delicious! Make sure to check out our facebook page for all the awesome pictures from the fabulous evening! A huge thank you to all the adventurous eaters who joined us for this deca Save & Exit dent evening!

Check out the exquisite menu Chef Andres created for the evening:

#1 Crispy Pork Belly served over a Baby Arugula Salad with Honeydew Melon and a Proscuitto Vinaigrette.  (Chef’s inspiration for this dish came from the very popular Italian “Proscuitto e Melone”)  Pairing ~ Pagliatura, Vermintino, Marema 2015

#2 Squab Knots in a Tuscan BBQ Sauce with Roasted Corn Polenta (Inspiration for this dish was for a finer version of your typical Summer BBQ with Chicken wings)  Pairing ~ Valle, Refosco, Friuli 2014

#3 Charred Octopus in a Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce & Mint Squid Ink Air (Chef makes the most tender octopus you have ever tasted and his inspiration for this dish comes from an Italian tradition of switching basil out for mint in the summer months to lighten dishes) Pairing ~ Occultum Lapidem, Rhone Red Blend, Roussillon Village 2014

#4 Branzino baked in Salt Dough served with a Mustard Cream Sauce, Asparagus and Faux “Caviar” Pickled Mustard Seeds (Chef used the salt dough to season and steam the fish, guests were warned not to eat the dough….although some were curious)  Pairing ~Grgich Hills, Chardonnay, Napa Valley 2013

#5 “Ham, Egg & Cheese” Raviolo in a Black Truffle & Parmesan Cream Sauce (This was quite possibly the crowd favorite – inspiration coming from the very popular breakfast sandwich.  A Raviolo is a ravioli made with a raw egg inside)  Pairing ~ Cesari, Valpolicella Ripasso, Veneto 2014

#6 Ode to Parmigiano Reggiano – Parmesan in 4 different forms: raw, crisp, creme brulee, suspended sphere

#7 Chocolate Mousse served in a Molded Dark Chocolate Box with Chianti Caviar Pearls and a Dark Chocolate Chianti Ganache (Any chocolate lovers delight!) Pairing ~ Domaine Bousquet, Malbec Dulce, Mendoza 2015

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