About FoodieFreaks

Let’s face it….the collective American palate is very boring. This restricts chefs creativity in menu planning. Here in Broward we have incredibly talented creative chefs who dream of creating amazing delicious meals without restriction. To give chefs an opportunity to express their creativity, we are pulling together the adventurous palates of Broward to create a unique dining experience. If you are a picky eater or have food allergies this group is not for you.

How this works is super simple…..the chef gets to cook whatever his imagination desires and you get the pleasure of eating it! No alterations, No substitutions…..Just sit down, eat and enjoy!

Announcements for upcoming events will go out to our email list with basic information about the event. FoodieFreaks tickets are available on a first come first served basis.

About a day before the event, ticket holders will receive an update with the location and exact time for the event – the menu will be revealed at the event venue and the delectable eating/drinking will commence.

Check out the upcoming events in order to purchase your tickets to the next delicious event.


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